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What we do 


National Wheelchair Basketball League (NWBL)
Our local team the ROLLER HAWKS, entered the elite national competition in 2001 and have lifted the trophy of National Champions 3 times and competed in the Grand Final on 6 occasions.  Our current home-grown talent, who have come up though the Junior Development Program, are currently Paralympians and/or National Representatives, who now play in the NWBL.

Country Cup

The Country Cup is a State-based competition with teams representing various regional wheelchair basketball centres, including Illawarra Wheelchair Basketball. Our 'Roller Eagles' have been State champions for 8 years and are current champions.

Slam Down Under 

SLAM is THE BIG Event of the year held in October of every year at Shellharbour City Stadium. It is a full weekend of 3 Divisions where beginners, paralympians, state representatives and veterans ,play 8-10 games over the weekend. The 3 courts of the Stadium are packed with wheelchairs, prosthetic limbs, a lot of sweaty T shirts and plenty of fun and friendship as 200-300  "weekend athletes" have a taste of BIG EVENT competition

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Come & Try Sessions

Everyone has to start somewhere, sometime, somehow.

Our current members usually get in a sports chair for the first time ..

  • When they are recovering after an accident

  • Didn't know about wheelchair sport

  • Believed sport was not an option for them because of mobility issues. 

  • Thought wheelchair sport was just for the young and dream of being Paralympians

  • Have left it too late and are now too old.

  • Are too shy to give a try.

  • Are just not the athletic type.

  • Our oldest participant is 80 years old...and is now a "demon" in the chair.

  • We cater for our community members affected by spinal cord, injury, spina bifida and any mobility issues that preclude you from participating in AB (Able Body) sports or exercise.

      Wheelchair Sport = FUN   and  FITNESS

                                      THRILLS & SPILLS 

      Tuesday        Juniors 8 - 18 years

      Wednesday   Adults  18 - 80+ years
Thursday       ENTRY LEVEL  

                            Getting started for ALL 

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